FROLLA 3D (colored shortcrust pastry) - how to prepare the rose tart


Glade to introduce you the New Exclusive and Original Pasta Frolla 3D created by Paola Azzolina!

With this special short pastry, multiple creations can be made. With incredible coloring, modeling and plasticity.
It’s light, fragrant but at the same time not very sweet paste.
It’s crumbly, ideal for the preparation of a wide range of finished products.

Very versatile, it can be used to:
– bases for single portions
– bases for tarts/pies with cold filling and for baking
– multiple types of biscuits given the very high ability to maintain the shape

It’s perfect for creating 3D shapes that maintain color and definition even when cooking!

It’s ideal to be modeled with all tools for Cake Design, maintaining a very high level of detail definition.

It can be printed with silicone molds to create 3D subjects.
E.g. subjects on which details can be drawn with food markers or by edible painting the surface with a brush.

In this 1 hour and 40 minute video course, you will discover the secrets for obtaining a shortcrust pastry delicate and light, easy to prepare and above all COLORABLE and which does not deform during cooking.

Practical strategies that really make the difference to make a Tart with an aesthetically original decoration!

Discover together with Paola Azzolina, her personal secrets on how to prepare the her INVENTION: PASTA FROLLA 3D®, how to work it best, until you get a delicious filling and the final assembly … including the perfect cut.

Together with this video you’ll receive for free the use of an EXTRA video course on how to make a paper piping bag.

You’ll find only completely original working methods and balanced recipes created EXCLUSIVELY by Paola Azzolina.

In particular:
• Recipe, preparation and coloring of PASTA FROLLA 3D®
• Mold coating technique
• Cake base preparation techniques
• Salted caramel filling recipe and preparation
• Chocolate filling recipe and preparation
• Colorable white chocolate coating recipe and preparation
• Carving and modeling technique of PASTA FROLLA 3D®
• Finish and assembly of the Tart
• Final cut test to view the finished product
• Extra Video Course – how to make a paper piping bag.

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